Eczema & You, by Dora.

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Eczema is a reaction to delayed allergy on some foods. You just have to figure out which foods. Not a regular allergy. It's a delayed allergy, or - more precise term - food intolerance. The food intolerance test gives a hint on which foods to suspect and avoid. By excluding suspected foods from your diet for a few weeks or months, you will see if skin condition clears up. If not - give it another try, with different foods. Since each attempt may take a few weeks, it's better to make the food intolerance test first to get ideas. Based on my experience, about 85% of people with eczema have delayed allergies on dairy, so this may be the first thing to exclude. It may also be a reaction on gluten, but dairy is more common. Mainstream medical practitioners often consider food intolerance test to be imprecise and even unscientific. Whether it's true or not, it doesn't matter, because the test always gives good ideas. Those who test and try based on those ideas figure out the reason for their eczema faster, with less trial and error.

Skincare for Eczema.

We have a cream that helps. But it's important to realize that only food eliminates the underlying reason. Skincare cream clears up symptoms, makes you comfortable. It's like a bandaid. Some people use the cream while going through trial and error process - they avoid certain foods for a few weeks or months while using the cream, and then discontinue the cream and see if symptoms are coming back. Others don't bother with finding the root cause of eczema and are happy by using the cream for a long time. I would discourage such an approach. For eczema, I prefer skincare to serve as temporary relief while figuring out how to fix the problem once and forever. The cream comes in 2 sizes:
Derma-D Skin Corrector 1oz ()

Derma-D Skin Corrector 2oz ()
Order Derma-D Skin Corrector, or contact us if you have any questions.

About the food intolerance test.

We've dealt with this test for at least twenty years already. The main point is that this test is not reliable by definition. No lab makes it better than the other. That's why mainstream doctors never rely on it. And they are right, but the idea is to take its results as a starting point and experiment. Those who take this test find the problematic foods much faster than those who don't.

The best approach is to search for the food intolerance test on Google or Amazon, to see description and reviews, and to pick what you like, what looks better to you. Read the test results carefully, and begin experimenting by excluding some foods (but keep in mind that when you eliminate some foods, it still takes time, usually weeks, to verify assumptions, i.e., to see if this is the food that causes a delayed reaction or not).

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